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Welcome to Inside-out

Creating conditions and instruments for lower educated workers and handicaped people with a distance to labour market with the aim of a regular position on the labour market

Why Inside-out?

A large group of workers is not active on the regular labour market, but is working in a protected working environment, is disabled or there is another reason for the larger distance to the regular labour market. These groups of workers (disabled people, mentally limited people, lower educated people and prolonged unemployed people) will eventually be needed on the regular labour market, in order to deal with the foreseen tightness on the labour market. Moreover this group is part of society and must be included.

What is Inside-out?

The project aim is to describe existing approaches and methods of employment support for the targetgroup. Essential parts of this project are: motivate and stimulate workers, facilitate, develop and guide managers, and create good alignment and cooperation with regular employers to hire the group of workers with a larger distance to the labour market.


Theo project Inside-out contains three main activities:
To get insight in collaborations within the partnercountries concerning the policy and approach of people working in a protected working environment.prepare the tutors/mentors in enterprises to guide these new workers adequately.enable enterprises, public organizations and/or VET-institutions to use the method jobcarving to create new working place and collaborate in the training program.

Analysis of collaborations and policy
Description of 5 country-approaches concerning the target group working in a protected working environmentof the situation (SWOT) to get insight in the promotional and obstructive factors to employ the target groupinventory the stakeholders concerning the target group

Training for companymentors
Development of a training for mentors in private companies who will guide and develop people with a large distance to the labour marketpilot this training.

Method for jobcarving
Exchange experience and inventory possibilities and methods for creating custom-made-jobs.of a relevant working process with opportunities for a custom-made-job for the target group, based on EQF-competences.with the enterprise the partner will develop a method for creating custom-made-jobs.

More information?

Our partnership has a projectwebsite.
Follow our improvements and the latest news on the website:

If you are interested please contact us:

Jeannette Jansen, Monique Mol
KCH International
P.O. Box 7001
6710 CB EDE, The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)318 698 498
Fax: +31(0)318 638 572,

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